Miriam Davidovic

Miriam is a mother of five, organic farmer, rural innovator, and General Partner at Roshem Ventures in Israel. She founded the impact business capacity building firms Roshem Impact, a Certified B Corporation, and Roshem Strategic Communications. She leads projects across Canada, Israel, Portugal, Serbia, South Africa, and the United States that are focused on economic, social and environmental benefit. Along with a team of mission-driven leaders, she co-founded the Roshem Foundation where she is currently an educator developing and teaching regenerative impact investing, financing impact, and blended finance courses. She is proud of her 10 year journey of merging marketing, communications, strategy and finance with impact outcome realization and regenerative business development. Her 5-year focus on impact investing, measurement and management alongside impact-financial integration has led her to actively develop impact technology tools and platforms across a range of industry sectors.

Miriam coaches CEOs, executives, investors, entrepreneurs, farmers, and nonprofit organizations through the processes of developing mission-driven business strategy, realizing meaningful impact outcomes, and accessing patient, aligned capital for their initiatives. Along with her team at Roshem Ventures, she invests in and builds networks of stakeholder-driven digital commodity trading and social network platforms that facilitate impact verification and distribute products that solve the world’s most significant challenges.

Her time is shared between Israel, Canada and rural villages in Serbia. She is dedicated to the development of rural innovation center initiatives for the regenerative economy, rooted within village centers in Serbia and Israel, while being connected globally through the Roshem Network. Miriam is inspired by the mountains, forest, ocean and wild spaces to ensure nature and technology merge responsibly and sustainably.