The Roshem Regeneration Institute is an initiative launched by the Foundation in July 2020 in response to the need for urgent and meaningful solutions to the ongoing global economic, ecological and health crisis. The Institute is currently providing Financing Impact courses and Regenerative Impact Investing Fellowships to representatives of our partner organizations, alongside CEOs, Executives, investment fund Partners and Co-Founders, as well as established impact investors.

Regenerative Impact Investing

This offering is an introduction to impact investing as a strategy applicable across all asset classes. It is geared towards C-Suite Executives, entrepreneurs at all stages of their journeys, and all business leaders willing to learn about how to implement impact strategy in practice in order to realize verifiable and genuine outcomes. We aim to facilitate a regenerative approach to impact investing that supports the realization of previously undiscovered opportunities. We believe that, "The regenerative process that defines thriving, living systems must define the economic system itself."— John Fullerton & Hunter Lovins (2013)

Financing Impact 

We have developed two streams as part of this course offering:

Financing Impact for Investors

If you’re an investor looking to expand your knowledge of impact measurement management, impact outcome verification, impact data collection, and how to best realize your intended outcomes alongside your expected financial returns, this course is for you. Whether you’re new to the impact investing space or a seasoned mission-driven investor, we can work with you to expand your knowledge and increase your access to networks and resources that will support you in achieving your goals.

Financing Impact for Business Leaders 

This course is adaptable to any stage of your business development process. Whether your business is pre-seed, early-stage or growth-stage, we can work with you to compile resources and create a strategy for weaving impact outcomes into your business plan. Financing impact can show you how to access patient capital, and how to present your pitch decks and equity offerings in a way that is attractive and understandable for impact investors seeking positive social, environmental and governance outcomes alongside their financial returns.

Financing Impact for Gender Equality

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Our team is especially proud of our Financing Impact for Gender Equality group and course cohort. As part of our commitment to realizing Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender Equality, we are sponsoring the participation of female leaders in the Financing Impact for Business Leaders course. We believe that women are powerful, capable, and full of potential. We also believe that we need to work harder to ensure that women take their place at the decision makers’ tables. This is especially relevant for early-stage female entrepreneurs who might just have their brilliant business ideas catalyzed by adequate support and encouragement.

As part of this offering, we are working with our cohorts of female leaders to support them in developing their impact-driven business, develop their business plans, pitch decks, and their value propositions for both their potential impact investors and the target audiences for their businesses.

Topics covered will include triple bottom-line business development, legal business structuring, intellectual property management, impact measurement and management, pitch decks, how to pitch an investor, due diligence, choosing the right investors and business partners, and communicating your business story.

The lead educator for this course is Miriam Davidovic alongside guest lecturers and webinar leaders.

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If you like this initiative and want to support our work to realize SDG 5: Gender Equality, you can find out more about how to donate and join our network as a partner. 

Blended Finance

According to the GIIN, providers of the risk-tolerant “catalytic” capital in blended finance structures aim to increase their social and/or environmental impact by accessing larger, more diverse pools of capital from commercial investors.  Access the Resource for Structuring Blended Finance Vehicles What does this mean for entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking financing for the development of their impact-focused ventures? How can an early-stage or growth-stage company raise capital through Program Related Investments, or investment vehicles such as convertible grants, revenue-based loans, royalty-based loans, or convertible instruments? How does a mission-driven business access patient capital? 

These are all of the topics that will be explored and questions answered during this course.Each Blended Finance course is customized to the individual or group that is participating in the program, so as to best meet their needs in terms of their geographical location and unique business structure, scaling goals, risks and opportunities. Ask us any questions you may have about this program and how it can be custom-tailored to your business.

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