Rural Innovation for Sustainable Development

Our work facilitates sustainable development across Israel and Western Serbia through education and training and market access support for the rural information technology sector, alongside agriculture, clothing production, traditional handicrafts, and further trade and economic activity in rural settings.

Our projects address the lack of technological, financial and agricultural education and training for rural residents across:
South-Eastern Europe, particularly Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Montenegro.

Current and Ongoing Projects

Rural Innovation: Creating Opportunity for Sustainable Development through Technological, Financial and Agricultural Innovation

Rural Innovation: Realizing Financial, Environmental and Social Benefit for Smallholder Farmers and Artisans Across Israel and South-Eastern Europe

Early Childhood Education Across Rural Western Serbia – Healthy Beginnings for Children Ages 0 – 7

Financial and Trade Skills Education for Primary Caregivers Across Western Serbia – Overcoming Experiences of Financial Crisis

The programs are particularly geared towards:

  • Residents and communities across Israel that are working on organic, regenerative and sustainable agricultural initiatives, alongside ecological building practices and natural product development.
  • Residents of rural Western Serbia, alongside Bosnia and Herzegovina, who have experienced financial challenges and require support in overcoming poverty.
  • Students and volunteers who visit Israel and Serbia as volunteers to participate in education and training, with the intention of scaling our programs across the world.

Given that poverty is one of the primary barriers preventing rural residents from making commitments to environmental conservation, sustainable farming practices and climate change action, these programs facilitate sustainable development through meeting beneficiary needs and providing support for long-term financial stability.

Read an introduction to Rural Innovation: Creating Opportunities for Sustainable Development through Technological, Financial and Agricultural Innovation

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June 19th 2019 

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