We are working to bring forth models for a new economy based on values that prioritize the well being of our planet and our global, interconnected, society. We envision a future that will bring forth new methods of collaboration, and innovative solutions that will bring humanity into a state of balance with nature.

Our courses are intended to foster the financing of solutions to hunger, poverty, pollution, and many more urgent global challenges. Globally, our team and our partners work to realize rural innovation in village environments, starting in Serbia and Israel, and hand in hand with our network members from across the world.

Each one of your donations will:

  • Make our courses more accessible
  • Finance training and education for youth, women, farmers, and residents of rural villages

Our broader goals and projects in development include financing the scaling and development of technologies and applications for: 

  • Hemp-based housing and building 
  • Hemp-based biofuels 
  • Solar power solutions 
  • Innovation for increased access to, and management of, water in remote and rural environments
  • Organic agriculture 
  • Natural and fairly-traded product development
  • Blockchain-based impact measurement and management 
  • Blockchain-based solutions for a transparent and equitable value chain 

For each donation, no matter the level of contribution you are able to make, you will receive a comprehensive report of the exact impact outcomes you supported us in realizing. Our reports include stakeholder board verification, so you can be certain that the claims we made related to the beneficiaries and recipients of our programs and initiatives are genuine.

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