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Rural Residents

Researchers and Leaders

throughout the process of realizing verified positive social, environmental, and governance-based impact outcomes while improving financial performance.

Our vision is to create solutions that correlate positive impact outcomes to financial return. We aim to foster an investment environment that facilitates the growth of a circular and regenerative economy.

Across Canada, Israel, Portugal, Serbia, South Africa and the United States, our team implements programs that solve today’s challenges and create opportunities for future generations.

Our Impact

Across Israel and Western Serbia, we are committed to developing a Rural Innovation Center network that creates solutions that alleviate poverty and realize the sustainable development goals.

Current and Ongoing Projects

Rural Innovation: Creating Opportunity for Sustainable Development through Technological, Financial and Agricultural Innovation

Rural Innovation: Realizing Financial, Environmental and Social Benefit for Smallholder Farmers and Artisans Across Israel and South-Eastern Europe

Early Childhood Education Across Rural Western Serbia – Healthy Beginnings for Children Ages 0 – 7

Financial and Trade Skills Education for Primary Caregivers Across Western Serbia – Overcoming Experiences of Financial Crisis

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Why Impact Investing?

Impact investing as a strategy applicable across all asset classes is a growing approach throughout the world. We exist to make the flow of information about innovative financing approaches, deal structuring, impact data, impact measurement and management, and impact outcome realization more accessible to a wider range of stakeholders globally.

Within the current economic climate, ESG-rated and sustainability funds, and investments that measure and manage their impact outcomes, are meeting or exceeding investor expectations. However, knowledge and resources are not as readily shared or available as they could be. Oftentimes, people will remain on the level of having conversations on “why impact investing” as opposed to “how” do we realize triple-bottom line benefit for people, planet and profit. The reality is that the changes in the global financial sector are not happening as quickly as they could be, and we’re here to serve as catalysts to move meaningful progress forward.

Across the realm of the regenerative economy, including impact investing, impact measurement and management, impact data and Environment, Social and Governance policy, the Roshem Institute team develops:

  • Introductory, intermediate and advanced corporate courses
  • Group learning programs
  • Peer-to-peer mentorship and advanced innovative finance programs for a wide range of stakeholders

We work with CEOs and C-Suite executives, entrepreneurs leading early-stage and growth-stage ventures, as well as those with pre-seed business concepts.

Our global team, affiliates and partners provide support and acceleration to social innovators, mission-driven businesses and entrepreneurs.

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